DME/O&P Billing

medicalbillingRegency knows that the main challenge for any DME business is collecting money.  With the latest cutbacks, surety bond and accreditation fees, your efficiency in claims processing and collections has a direct impact on your bottom line.  We offer an easy to use billing service that charges a small percentage of what is collected.  We get you paid and paid as quickly as possible.

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Pharmacy Part B Enrollment

Pharmacist Holding Pill BottleIf you operate a pharmacy, Regency can help you become a Medicare Part B provider.  This will allow you to provide medical equipment and supplies and obtain reimbursement from Medicare.  We make the process very simple and cost effective.  We understand pharmacy operations and know how busy you are.  We do as much on our end to take the burden off you.

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DME Provider Enrollment

Woman consulting female doctor

Regency has developed a hands-on approach to the accreditation process and is committed to providing the services and support facilities need for a successful accreditation survey. With our help, facilities will pass their accreditation the first time around and do it with minimal stress.

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